Healing Station and Transformation Services

Love More Healing Stations


 The Love-More Movement has developed a concept called, “Healing Stations” to provide safe and brave spaces for healing as well as transformative platforms and bridges in the most vulnerable communities.  The Healing Stations have provided support for healing from major socioemotional barriers such as historical and institutional trauma, domestic, social and political violence, substance abuse, political unrest, situations involving emergency response, depression, suicide ideation, communities plagued with gangs and crews, police brutality, poverty to the extent that children were starving, homelessness, teen pregnancy, truancy, rural communities in America and abroad without drinkable water and refugee communities and villages in other countries that are working through the aftermath of political unrest.  We have also worked with Tribal Nations as well as communities with language barriers. The project goal for “Love-More” is to “Love-More”.  

Transformational Life Coaches and Healing Leaders T.Li.C.H.L.



T.L.C.H.L. is a Transformational Life Coaching course designed to equip leaders with a framework for transformational leadership and universal healing through a lens of love. In this course, leaders evolve into Transformational Life Coaches and Hope, Empathy, Affirmations and Love-ing L.E.A.D.E.R.S. T.L.C.H.L. build-shops are designed to take leaders on a journey releasing Trauma, Stress, Resentment and Emotional pain and replacing that cognitive, emotional and spiritual space with Love, Hope, Joy, Peace, Purpose and Mental Liberation. All of these pathways are connected to Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health, Family Preservation and Community Building. Although triggers to trauma are covered, T.L.C.H.L. emphasizes the identification of triggers to joy, hope, love, peace, purpose, freedom and transformation. 

Seniors Offering Unconditional Love (S.O.U.L.)


We R B.L.I.S.S. (Bucket List Inspired Senior Stars) building Healthy, Healing, Safe, Loving, Thriving, Resilient, Creative, and Drug Free Communities.  

We Are Encouraged, Empowered, Engaged, Enlightened and Empathetic as we increase the energy of Hope, Empathy, Affirmations and Love within our most vulnerable communities.

S.O.U.L. W.I.L.L. Impact communities by offering Wisdom, Inspiration, Love & Leadership.  

Our S.O.U.L. perform a diverse array of tasks connected to Healing and Loving ourselves, families and communities.  These roles include Transformative Life Coaching, Advising, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Community Service, Social Support and many Management functions throughout all of The Love More Movement’s initiatives.  Our Seniors facilitate healing and engagement platforms within their network of Senior communities as well as with schools, youth, families and specific populations of adults such as returning citizens, the recovery community and victims of violent crimes. They also engage other communities of Seniors as they embark on their own journeys of healing, engagement and transformation.